My Healthy Mind

In our every day hustle and bustle or even the total opposite most often people are not in the habit of doing a “mind check”. They are usually focused on what’s in front of them. Occasionally we’ll get urges that prompts us to take a vacation, which in alot of cases we are unable to afford. We also get the overwhelming feeling to change something about our situation, however often times we are not in an immediate positions to do so.

In today’s society we have become more about social media than human interaction, and in a lot of cases have isolated ourselves from people because we’ve been hurt, betrayed or disappointed. We have found solace in being a loner for justifiable reasons. While in other cases we air all our feelings and inner thoughts out on social media, with no consideration for the ramifications but just to seek the instant gratification of release.

With the chaos surrounding our daily lives and little to no outlet, how often can you truly say that you have observed all the changes in your body, mind, and surroundings? Can you with certainty say that you are totally aware of exactly where you are and what got you there? Can you say you are conscious of your mental state?

Being conscious of our current mental state, does not eliminate what’s going on but instead it gives us control. For example, we can’t stop the rain from falling but we can make the decision not to get wet; we have no control over the hand we’ve been dealt but we do have control over how we respond to them. How we respond to situations gives us a greater advantage in progressing and moving pass our hurdles. This is why we are here, to help each other remain conscious and navigate through life… stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “My Healthy Mind

  1. I love this! In essence, nobody can “make you cry” or “make you mad”. You have decided to embrace that response to a situation. But maaaan, it is challenging to overcome this.


  2. Kay what I read was mind blowing it touches on some very important points in which we have to do some retrospect in our lives🖒🖒.


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