The Who and Why

Hi, my name is Kadine Garrison and I am pleased to welcome you to “My Healthy Mind”. I am excited about this new journey, this new chapter and especially excited because I get to share it with you. I am a psychology major and I have always been fascinated with the mind. The mind fascinates me because it is the seat of our consciousness and everything we are and ever hope to be begins in the mind. The most amazing thing about the mind is that it can be molded and on this journey we’ll get to do that together by exploring every aspect of life including the ups and downs, the ins and outs. We will explore together and discover together. I would love hear from you as well, so don’t be shy about commenting and asking questions. Life is a journey my friend so lets take it together! Don’t forget to subscribe so you can be notified when there is something new for you. 

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