My Conscious Mind

Feeling worried, stressed, overwhelmed, out of place, not in control of your emotions, off balance like you are not being who you really want to be or could be? Perhaps you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated and in need of change… Your mind is probably going a thousand miles per second because you just can’t seem to find the answers. Instinctively we are pressed to pursue the answers we need to solve the problems we are faced with and nothing is wrong with perseverance. However, It becomes problematic for us when we begin to fixate and obsess over the situations at hand even when we realize that doing so yields no progress.

How do we know if we have become fixated and obsessed over our problems? Simple… When all we seem to be able to think about is the problem for an extended period of time… How do we know when this is beginning to take a toll?! When our bodies begin to react! If what affects the mind also affects the body then being completely conscious, we should be able to make observations that will be a tell tale sign if we are at this particular place of pursuit for too long. If the mind is overworked the body will respond and if the mind is relaxed then the body will also respond. If we pay close attention to what our body’s response is to our overworked mind, we may notice that we’ve been feeling extremely tired, our muscles may have gotten tight around the shoulders and neck area which can be attributed to a change in our sleep patterns. Little to no energy can also be a result of a change in our eating habits be it more or less. We may notice we’ve been craving more of the bad stuff like sugar and more carbs; as a result of this we become fatigue, sluggish and irritable, especially if It starts to change our body’s image to something less favorable (wink wink). Some effects are even more silent, like the drop or increase in our blood pressure levels. By the time we start noticing some of these changes, it simply means we’ve been in an overworked state of mind for far too long.

It is imperative that we develop healthy mental habits that facilitates the processes we go through. However, before we are able to implement healthy mental habits, we must first be able to identify our mental state and in order to do so it requires our complete consciousness. So don’t forget to do your mind check! Be aware of where you are mentally at all times. The only control we are guaranteed to have in this institution called “life”, is our response to it. Check on a friend today and invite them to the awakening of our consciousness mind.

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