Shift Focus

Sometimes we forget that we have control over our minds, if we’re not cognizant, it would seem as if our mind has a mind of its own and sometimes just out of control. It feeds off our emotions or it’s fed by our emotions, either way they’re two peas in a pod.

We’re in a season of change which comes with its challenges; moreover, change in a pandemic accompanied by protesting injustice and rioting. Jobs are being lost and people are dying; there’s a global shut down and people are facing homelessness. It’s more than some of us can handle.

The word pandemic gives the feeling of panic, which brings fear. We feed our anxiety with the constant input of societal updates from all media source. Our conversations has become about the current events. We start our days on high anxiety and end our days just the same.

We find it a struggle to be at peace in a time with so much happening around us but just incase you have forgotten or just unaware of your space and time, be reminded that you do have control!

Take control of your space/time by shift your focus. Indulge in some mindless behavior which can be therapeutic for the person who takes life way too seriously or find a meaningful hobby for the person who could take things a little more seriously.

It is important to find a healthy balance in the midst of it all. It is ok to turn the news off for a day or two, it is ok to shift your focus and just do something a little differently to ease the tension. Our outdoor options are few but don’t forget this is a season of change so get creative and think outside the box.

Check on someone today even if they appear strong.

Your healthy mind matters!

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